The Grand Palace 

   One of the striking Things I learned from Thai people that They respect their king so much that Inside Grand palace People are not allowed to wear Shorts dress and punky dress. People here take king as Their Country Father and In his respect They never compromise.Really Thai people are so respectful. GRAND SALUTE…

glass half-full’, or ‘glass half-empty⁉️

   Read for a while …. 🍷🍹🍷🍷🍷🍻🍺🍷🍷🍻🍷 The expression is so well-known that people and personality types are often referred to as ‘glass half-full’, or ‘glass half-empty. So here who says what? The optimist says the glass is half full. The pessimist says the glass is half empty. The project manager says the glass is…

Hours House 

The clock tower of Nepal.Typically we call it Ghanta Ghar-Literally Hours House. (Small Brother of Big Ben of London) Location: 📍Kathmandu Country: 📍 Nepal 🇳🇵 Keep spreading love and care because TIME⏳ IS LIMITTED👊

Heck! The brightest flame casts the darkest shadow

     Do not live in the shadow of the masters for ever. Learn to live in the light of your soul. Life deserves full expression. Remember the brightest flame casts the darkest shadow.  -Amit Ray Location: 📍 Lalitpur Country: 📍 Nepal 🇳🇵

Love is like jumping out of an airplane with no parachute

Love is like jumping out of an airplane with no parachute. But there’s no need to be frightened, because that plane is still on the ✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️ Splendid looks of Kasthamandap Airlines Location: 📍Dolpa Country: 📍 Nepal 🇳🇵

The father of bablet in Motion

      The father of bablet in Motion.Hurry! 🌪🌪🌪🌞 “Hajey” OR “Ghurgurey” OR “Lattu” OR “bablet” different name but same Fun of Spinning and rotating.  Location: 📍Dolpa Country: 📍 Nepal 🇳🇵 Ps:Please see Previous Post to know more about this Playing tool. Share if you love it. 

“HAJEY”:The father of bablet-The spinning Toy.

👓Childgood memories 👓 This we typically call “hajey” and Some call it as “ghurgurey”.You have probably heard about bablet-The spinning toy. And This is the old version(Father of Bablet,lol).Still most of guys from my village Love to play This wooden bablet! Did you ever got a chance to play with it? Location: 📍Dolpa Country:📍Nepal 🇳🇵

Balloons 🎈🎈🎈

   I’d be smiling and chatting away, and my mind would be floating around somewhere else, like a balloon with a broken string. -Haruki Murakami, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle Location :📍Lagankhel Country: 🇳🇵 Nepal 

Child is the father of MAN

William Wordsworth says,” The child is the father of man”. He wants to say that present is the outcome of past. According to him, the child grows up and becomes father. Manhood is outcome of the childhood. Location:Dolpa,Nepal In Photo: Bhanumati Thapa Age:1 year,11 month old

Smokey shot! 

 Add smoke, not fire. You want to confuse your competition, not kill them. -Jarod Kintz, 99 Cents For Some Nonsense Locatiom:Nepal In photo: Akhanda Upadhaya


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