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⛵️Boat of life ⛵️

This paper boat made me realize 🙂 We all have our own ⛵️ boat 🚣 .Which carries RESPONSIBILITY,EMOTION ,SPIRITUALITY and all. Let our boat of life be light, packed with only what we need – a homely cheerful home and simple pleasures that uplift our mood. Small circle of friends counting worth in the name, someone to love and someone to be loved . Some Pets to feel playful in the even 90’s and someone to be real you with them.and Some treasure of talent and manner that makes you a real you. SAIL YOUR BOAT THE WAY YOU WANTS TO.Packed it with love and worth to cherish 😍.

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Phoksundo Trek:Land To Hidden  Treasure 

Foot And the awesome place to Shoot.

This Bridge is the First bride you will encounter right after where The Phoksundo Lake start to be River with name :Suligad . 


Ps:I will soon posting the history and how We startedcalling  The blue Lake as Phoksundo. 

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