⛵️Boat of life ⛵️

This paper boat made me realize 🙂 We all have our own ⛵️ boat 🚣 .Which carries RESPONSIBILITY,EMOTION ,SPIRITUALITY and all. Let our boat of life be light, packed with only what we need – a homely cheerful home and simple pleasures that uplift our mood. Small circle of friends counting worth in the name,…

Into the woods 

Into the woods : The light is getting dimmer.. I think I see a glimmer– Into the woods–you have to grope,  But that’s the way you learn to cope.  #ambeingglobetrotter #Happy_clicking 

In Harems; we are more powerful

      These stripes are believed to be camouflage devices that help zebras hide well in the grass. In fact, zebra stripe patterns are unique to each individual.   Behind the Shot: I was lucky to visit Thailand Safari World  with my classmate this year. I took this shot in so hurry… hehe! As…

Garden of Dreams 

Many goes to Garden of Dreams but I bet only few has ever known this place ….  Location:📍Garden of Dreams ,Kathmandu 


Taking shot of next photographer is very famous act ,so I did one😉 Location:📍Gokarna Resort 

Waiting ➰

Waiting customers in the footpath is always tedious job. Location:📍Pashupatinath temple area ,Nepal

Evening Pashupatinath 

Pashupatinath Temple situated in the Heart of Kathmandu is the main pilgrimage for Hindu…

Playing with wires 

➰Playing with wires specially Of Nepal Telecom (NTC) is so hectic because which is perfect match;its soo tough to sort out…➰ Located: 📍Balkumari,Lalitpur ➰Feedback are highly needed ➰

Faith :for Religion 🔁Nation 

🇳🇵National 🇳🇵flag seen in the pinnacle of Pagoda shaped temple which is a strong paradigm of the motto:”As deep as faith I have for RELIGION so For My NATION “. #OnlyinNepal #BeingNepali Location: 📍Kathmandu

☁️Mammatus  ☁️cloud☁️

     The weird cloud pattern that is observed in the sky today from Kathmandu and surrounding area is called Mammatus, aka mammatocumulus. Mammatus are most often associated with the anvil cloud and also severe thunderstorms.  True to their ominous appearance, mammatus clouds are often signal of a coming storm or other extreme weather system….