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In Harems; we are more powerful

In Harems we are more  powerful 




These stripes are believed to be camouflage devices that help zebras hide well in the grass.
In fact, zebra stripe patterns are unique to each individual.


Behind the Shot:

I was lucky to visit Thailand Safari World  with my classmate this year. I took this shot in so hurryhehe! As we were moving in the bus. I didn’t have much time to stay and maintain all things saying cheese (hhhehe.) and hitting the shot button. I am satisfy as this picture of zebra in “harems” is good to share with you.

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The Grand Palace 


One of the striking Things I learned from Thai people that They respect their king so much that Inside Grand palace People are not allowed to wear Shorts dress and punky dress. People here take king as Their Country Father and In his respect They never compromise.Really Thai people are so respectful. GRAND SALUTE TO ALL THE TAHI PEOPLE LIVING HERE AT THAILAND AND WHOLE WORLD.🌎 

Location:📍The Grand Palace