Taking shot of next photographer is very famous act ,so I did one😉 Location:📍Gokarna Resort 

Waiting ➰

Waiting customers in the footpath is always tedious job. Location:📍Pashupatinath temple area ,Nepal

Evening Pashupatinath 

Pashupatinath Temple situated in the Heart of Kathmandu is the main pilgrimage for Hindu…

Playing with wires 

➰Playing with wires specially Of Nepal Telecom (NTC) is so hectic because which is perfect match;its soo tough to sort out…➰ Located: 📍Balkumari,Lalitpur ➰Feedback are highly needed ➰

Faith :for Religion 🔁Nation 

🇳🇵National 🇳🇵flag seen in the pinnacle of Pagoda shaped temple which is a strong paradigm of the motto:”As deep as faith I have for RELIGION so For My NATION “. #OnlyinNepal #BeingNepali Location: 📍Kathmandu

☁️Mammatus  ☁️cloud☁️

     The weird cloud pattern that is observed in the sky today from Kathmandu and surrounding area is called Mammatus, aka mammatocumulus. Mammatus are most often associated with the anvil cloud and also severe thunderstorms.  True to their ominous appearance, mammatus clouds are often signal of a coming storm or other extreme weather system….

Household work -Boring or fun?

   ➰My idea of superwoman is someone who scrubs her own dishes.➰ Location:📍Balkumari,Lalitpur  📎What sorts of Household work do you find boring❓ ➰Like ➰Share➰ Comment ➰Love ➰

Above the clouds-My flag shines 

   Whoever fly through Nepal airlines never gonna miss the chance to take this window-National Flag shot. Location:📍 Above the ☁️Clouds  in between Nepal and Bangkok ☁️ ➰Like ➰comments ➰Love ➰

Fall to FLY ➰

   ➰And falling’s just another way to FLY➰ Location📍Pashupatinath Temple Vicinity  Thanks for loving me. 🙏😊

Good mother 

   “A good mother is worth hundreds of schoolMasters.” Location:📍Gwarko  Country :🇳🇵Nepal